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About Us

At All Days Music, our mission is to deliver a better value for your investment. As a professional musical instruments supplier with overseas factories and powerful supply chain resources, All Days Music will deliver high quality, hand crafted instruments at an affordable price. Whether your target customers are students, musical educators or professional musicians, you’ll find a variety of quality musical instruments----stringed instruments, fretted instruments, wind instruments and percusion, case and bag, accessroies etc.— at very competitive prices. All instruments are quality checked by professional musicians before shipping.

All Days Msuic offers a convenient new platform for the musical instruments reseller. All Days provides a secure on-line order system for small and middle size musical instruments resellers that is both intelligent and user-friendly.

Here’s why All Days Music is the right choice for you:

1. Highly effective and convenient online ordering system. Costumers can easily handle their own order online.

2. Local stock and quick delivery.

3. Small and multi-frequent procurement significantly reduce the buyers' capital risk and inventory pressure. Drop-shopping is also available.

4. Through your online customer account you can research product information and view or manage your order history.

5. Responsible customer service and information provided by knowledgeable professionals.

6. We accept various forms of payment, which are flexible and convenient.

7. No need to buy sight-unseen. Face-to-face physical sample tests are available.

8. We provide quality musical instruments at low prices.

US resellers interested in our new platform are encouraged to email us for more detailed information:

Our new on-line platform allows All Days Music to offer a better musical instrument at a lower price, which provides a profitable way for your to grow your business. All Days Music is simply the best value in the industry. We simply offer more for less.