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All Days Music, Inc. Dealership Agreement.

All Days Music inc, (aka: ADM Distributing); herein after referred to as the company; a legally chartered corporation in the State of Nevada. And, any company or individual applying to be a dealer, Hereby enter into an agreement in which the company agrees to sell it’s products to the dealer.

It is understood between the company and the dealer that that this is not an exclusive agreement for the geographical are in which the dealer resides. It also further understood that the company does not extend credit terms and no product will be shipped the dealer until payment for said items have been received by the company.

It is also understood that the dealer will be responsible for any and all shipping charges from the companies location to the dealers place of business. In the event of a warranty item the deal is responsible for the shipping charges to the companies authorized warranty location. The company will in turn ship the warranted item back to the dealer at the companies expense.

If in the event the dealers check has bee returned by dealers bank for non-payment, the company will charge fee of not less than a fee of $50.00 per check returned by the dealers bank. If the dealer has three checks that have been returned to the company by the dealers bank, dealer will be placed on a “Cash Only” basis for a period of six (6) months commencing from the date of the last returned check.

Company will list dealer on it’s website and refer any and all consumers to the dealer that are in his geographical area. In the event there are no dealers in the consumers geographical area, the company at it’s discretion will refer the inquiry to the dealer closest to the consumer.

Minimum Advertised Price: Dealer will not advertise any of the companies products in a common media such as online, Radio, TV or any magazine or periodical for less than the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) included in the dealers package.

This constitutes the agreement in it’s entirety and cannot be modified with out the express consent of the company.