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ADM 10 Hole Key of C Blues Harmonica, Diatonic Harp, Silver

SKU: ADM-03-10S





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*Key of C
*Stainless steel plate chrome plated silver
*Phosphor copper alloy spring, PVC comb
*Fitting for blues, rock, country, folk and jazz
*Including: 1 x Harmonica, 1 x Carrying Case, 1 x Instructions, 1 x Cloth

Choose consumption level resin frets, each batch are professionally detection. Body structure of classical piano, multipoint support, 
in the implementation and beautiful at the same time, realize the harmonica itself good air tightness, the resonance , make the 
timbre full, fruity. Stainless steel plate chrome plated silver, thicker coating to prevent oxidation, rust, improve the abrasion resistance
 and improve and beautiful, reveal elegant nobility. Unique single blow hole design, can effectively control suction flow, let the voice
 more full level. The lettle "C" as the key tag, use easy to distinguish, C is the most commonly used tonal, also suitable for learning. 
Selection of high quality phosphor copper alloy spring, master manual calibration, its sound quality sensitivity and pure brightness is
 beyond ordinary spring. ADM desingner tremolo harmonica music box, senior ABS plastic box, high temperature and low temperature 
resistance, good toughness and effectively protection. Golden label for tonal marked C.