About Us

ADM was started on the principal that entry level or, student grade musical instruments should be of playable and enjoyable quality to insure the success and enjoyment of the individual pursuing an instrument.


In the past student grade instruments were cheap with none or, little sound quality and playability. After many years of research ADM has developed a network of factories world wide to insure this enjoyment and bringing it to the aspiring musician at pricing comparable to insfruments of much lesser quality and design.


No matter your choice of stringed instruments, fretted instruments, percussion or wind instruments, ADM has an upward migration path to allow your abilities to grow as you progress in your endeavor.


All our efforts are to ensure that you get the best product possible for the instrument of you choice.


Here’s why All Days Music is the right choice for you:

-Highly effective and convenient online ordering system. Cusomers can easily handle their own order online.

-Local stock and quick delivery. Face-to-face physical sample tests are available.

-Responsible customer service and information provided by knowledgeable professionals.

-We accept various forms of payment, which are flexible and convenient.

-We provide quality musical instruments at low prices.


ADM is constantly optimizing the purchasing and production processes to ensure that our products are of high quality and competition price. Please feel free to buy our products on the website.


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