At Winzz, for every person, the craftsmanship is just to build quality guitars with heart. We may not produce high quality guitars by only replying on auto machines, actually, which requires true craftsmanship and our understanding for the clients’ demands. Let’s introduce you our cores one by one:


The Soundboard and Bracing Constructure

As we know, the soundboard is the key part of guitar tone, and the bracing under the soundboard is the most important element. So, we apply industry-proven bracing design to our guitars. From material selection to production, we always strictly control each process by following accurate data and standard. And we have a professional team of skilled luthiers, who know how to shape and adjust the braces for most balanced sound.




Painting Work

The painting work of Winzz guitar is divided into the main processes as following: the undercoat, mid coat, top coat and polishing. We have our own unique paint formulations and system to offer all guitars much better attractive appearance and sound.



Assembly Work

Final assembly of the guitar is extremely important. Winzz always focus on many works to ensure each guitar be in perfect condition for playing after finishing, such as fret leveling, action adjustment and tuning etc.




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