At Winzz, for every person, the craftsmanship is just to build quality guitars with heart. We may not produce high quality guitars by only replying on auto machines, actually, which requires true craftsmanship and our understanding for the clients’ demands. 

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Every year, Winzz guitar import and stock large quantity of quality wood materials for soundboard and neck, most of which are from Europe、Africa、South America and Canada. We do not use materials that have been naturally air-dried for less than one year. And before these materials are used, we will also use professional equipment for artificial drying to ensure that the materials achieve the best dry condition.

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Customer Reviews

My son played Sponge Bob in Sponge Bob The Musical so he wanted a Ukulele. He was able to tune it and teach himself how to play a couple songs. The strings are definitely beginner strings and they didn’t hold the tune as long as we would like but it’s a nice kit.

Luis Sosa

Great quality!--Compared to my other ukulele, it is clear that this one is very good quality for beginners. The wood and strings feel a lot softer than other regular basic ukuleles. Love it!

Terino Brantley

I like most everything about this guitar, but it does have some uneven frets. So theres some buzzing on some of the cords. I'm going to take it to a luthier for a setup. I'm hoping that will make a difference.

Nancy Moore
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